Nothing Insignificant

Looking at the Big Sky in Montana, I almost feel like I can see it curving around the earth protecting us in the habitable bubble of our atmosphere. In some place so vast and majestic, I feel small, but never alone. Even while recognizing how little I am in comparison to the universe, I do not feel insignificant. Around every bend in Yellowstone, we saw beauty of all different varieties. No scene looked the same, but it all impacted me with its beauty. Every place has beauty all its own. Some places you have to look a little harder, but it is there. Some places you have to wait for the right season, but it is there. I see the tiny brightly colored birds flitting through the air above a cascading waterfall and I watch the bison amble across the road with their calves to eat their fill of grass and I finally spot an elk so cleverly camouflaged in the forest. When I see all this beauty in nature, I know no person no matter their age or “success” could never be insignificant in the eyes of the Father. The Creator never forgets a single piece of His creation. Just as an artist never forgets something they created despite any seeming flaws because it always has a purpose; God remembers each aspect of His creation despite its species. He cares for the lily of the field, bird of the air, mammal of the land, and every person period. My brain cannot understand how He keeps track of everything and everyone, but the important thing is that He does. I don’t need to understand.

Even better than Him knowing each and every thing and person is He created all things with a purpose. Whether our purpose includes being a doctor, a pastor, a barista, a teacher, an engineer, a lawyer, a construction worker or countless other jobs our purpose is to impact people. That is how you change the world, no matter if it is just your little world or the whole world, impacting one person has the possibility of changing a life that in turn could change someone else’s life. What a ripple effect it could be if only we took the time to grasp the concept and live it out. Whether our purpose is to impact a small town, a city, a state, a nation, or one person, we have a purpose and here it comes…it is always to love. Love is our purpose. It is not simply an overly used and commonly devalued word, it is an action. I know I have said it before or something similar anyway, but we (as a human race) are not getting it and therefore it bears repeating.

People in our society are obsessed with tolerance and acceptance, yet true love is rarely extended. Why? I don’t think people know how to genuinely love and I think those, who should be teaching the world are failing at the task, myself included. Christians or followers of the Way (Acts 24:14) are called to live our lives to a higher standard, but very few succeed at that calling on their life. The congregation that was intended to support, encourage, and serve people from every walk of life has become a safe four walls Unfortunately, the church has become a production full of drama, politics, and stress that preaches acceptance and love without truly giving the world an example of love and righteousness to follow. Christians live their lives flippantly under the name of freedom, but shouldn’t we want to live righteously, despite whatever added difficulties and any opposition that might bring. Christians hurt one another because of opinions, selfishness, and short sightedness. Don’t get me wrong, I am for the Church, but I think many modern churches are missing the mark and going about things the wrong way. I am for Christians, but disappointed in many of their actions, myself included at times, In no way am I saying all people are failing at their purpose and unable to love, but I m saying it is time to raise the standard and start a revolution of love…primal love.

When I sit down to write, it nearly always starts as a prayer and I almost never know where or how it will finish. My conversations with God have continuously been leading to love and a cry for some sort of change. The more I talk to Him, the more I know it is no accident. Part of my purpose is to write and I wholeheartedly accept that now as I know my identity through Him, who created me. I’m done denying my purpose and I’m done living in the fear of not being heard.


2 comments on “Nothing Insignificant

  1. .. And the many will be the benefactor of that purpose!
    I always feel more able to soar as a result of the Words He shares with me through you!!

    …Some places you have to wait for the right season, but it is there…
    Come on! WooHoo!!

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