For the past few weeks, I knew I was supposed to write something to post, but I found myself too overwhelmed with thoughts, revelations, and life circumstances to actually take the time to process them into something legible. My heart was so full with God’s teaching and from the hurt of this world, that I was unable to dissect my own thoughts and do one of the things I love the most. Finally, I have been able to capture a portion of what God has been revealing to me and the amazing path I have been on; however, it was not able to make every connection my heart knows is there so I have a feeling this may be part 1. Anyways, here it goes!

Faith is a word so familiar to many and we think we understand its definition, but I am realizing the more I listen the less I truly know. Unfortunately, I think faith has become one of those “Christian-ese” words that believers have yet to fully grasp hold of, but constantly talk about. It is “the substance of things hoped for” allowing us to believe in the existence of a Savior and in the promise of eternity. It is the “evidence of things not seen.” God breathed this world into being from nothing. His words alone brought all we see in this universe into reality. We cannot comprehend or explain the concept; it frustrates our thought processes and ruins any chance of logic. Faith allows us to accept the concept of everything from nothing as reality and opens the door to following a God that so completely surpasses our way of thinking. When we embrace faith, we come to terms with being incapable of complete understanding and choose to follow God, who is so beyond logic. Reading Hebrews 11, the scripture relates faith through the elders and proclaims their impacting testimonies resulting from their faith. Abel’s actions of faith to serve God wholly with his sacrifice gave him a testimony that continues to speak to every generation. If I want to live my life in a manner pleasing to God and leave a lasting impact on this earth we walk on, my foundation must be faith. I cannot see God’s whole plan and I cannot grasp His ability to use bad things for the good of His glory for those that love Him (Romans 8:28), I choose to believe He has a perfect plan and trust that He will use all things for good. As a God, who surpasses all understanding, He does not desire for us to understand everything, but He does desire us to have faith that He understands everything and will reveal all things to us in the right timing (Matthew 10:26). Lately I have found that the closer I draw to Him and the more I learn about who He is, the more my heart is stirred by His mystery and complexity.

We cannot see God, but we can have faith that He is there because He has given us ample evidence to “see” Him. From Hebrews 11:6, we learn that without faith it is impossible to please God because when we go to Him, we must have faith that He is, in fact, God. Faith opens the world for the impossible and has the potential to open our eyes to the invisible. In order to operate in faith, we must surrender our trust to the One in whom we put our faith. We have to decide that He is trustworthy and abandon our own attempts on controlling our lives. Trust combines with faith to be a functioning exercise of belief and love. It is not where trust ends that faith begins; it is where faith begins that trust also begins. Since faith is believing in the unknown and what cannot be explained, it is risk and from that emotions of fear can arise because what God calls us to do is rarely easy and almost never makes sense to our logical brains. In a message I was listening to the other day, the pastor said, “Hebrews 11 says ‘by faith’ 28 times and we wish it said ‘by logic’, but logic won’t get you where God wants you to go. The only way to get there is by faith. We can’t be logical, we have to be theological. We have to add God to the equation.” (That quote was taken from my previous notes so I apologize if it wasn’t word for word). With God in the equation, faith is a necessity because our logic just can’t cut it and I wouldn’t want it to.

If we live in faith, the risk is worth it and we can trust our Father to have a perfect plan because He gives us “the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen.”


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