God, You are beautiful, ever-changing, and the most romantic being to ever exist. You desire for each of Your children to experience You specifically for themselves but never to become bored with the relationship. God…Abba, thank You for pursuing us.

Captivate means to “attract and hold the attention or interest of as by beauty or excellence”.

I am captivated by You completely. The love You have extended to us has totally enthralled me. Your creation has grasped my attention and in observing the vast glory of the world we live in, You have held my attention. As beautiful as nature is, Your beauty is what I cannot take my eyes off of. It is evident in nature, but even more so in the heart You extend to each of Your children. Freely, You offer Yourself to us, risking rejection and unrequited love, but still You give it…perfect love. In the ultimate offering of true love, You sacrificed what You loved the most to save the least of these, which is all of us. You extend true love that cannot be understood, perfect love that casts out all fear, and grace to free every captive of sin so we can be adopted into royalty. You, my King, are excellence in every nuance of the word. I cannot take my eyes off of Your beauty from love and Your excellence from awe, nor do I ever want to take my eyes off of You. As I stare into the depths of Your love, I cannot understand it, but I desperately want to be closer to You and absorb Your every feature, every characteristic, and every portion of Your heart. For while I was still a sinner, You pursued me as if I were royalty. It is the classic story of rags to riches. When we accept the status God has bestowed upon us, we begin to see a glimpse of our true identity in the presence of the King.

“Now set your heart and your soul to seek the Lord your God.” 1 Chronicles 22:19

The pursuit of God cannot be fully achieved with only our heart or only our soul, but we must pursue Him with our heart and soul through our spirit. We have to chase after God with our heart, soul, mind, and strength (Luke 10:27) because His beauty cannot be captured with only part of ourselves focusing on Him. While at times in my life, I have been frustrated by the mysteries of God, but if God could be explained and understood, He would not be God and would not be fully worthy of our praise. He is captivating because He is mysterious.


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