Thank you Father for beauty in the desert. Every piece of Your creation reflects You: Your beauty, love, imagination, and attention to detail. It is impossible to sit in nature and not be moved. Such inspiration is birthed from simply being…simply observing. Hope is evident in the vibrant colors so foreign to what is normally dry and nearly barren land. The desert is sculpted by desolation and painted in hues of tan and brown with sporadic evidence of green. But after even the smallest amount of rain, it bursts forth with color and life. Wildflowers from pale, soft yellow specks of a flower to golden poppies to royal purple blooms erupt all across the open space transforming what appeared to be weeds into a beautiful flower. What is normally an empty dirt expanse has green carpet rolled across it. Puffs of white flowers intermingle with the rocks and other blossoms. The Creator of the universe cares about the arid desert and can awaken even it to life with just a small washing of rain from Heaven. Energy is renewed and everyone is touched in some way by the shift.

We easily lose sight of the hope we have. The Gospel of Truth is diminished by fear and responsibility. People are too blinded by the busyness of life to truly live it, but then the perfect Father, who cares about the bird of the field and flower in the desert, captures our attention. Words cannot fully describe the effects of nature on the soul, but it cannot really be understood or seen anyway. It must be felt. When you are standing in a blooming desert or under a giant oak tree or in a snow-covered city, something shifts inside. A weight lifts, a breath fills our lungs, and our hearts beat with renewed strength. Circumstances haven’t changed, we still have classes, bills, family stresses, and pain, but we have a reminder that we are not alone. God is showing us His face in the wild, which He so delicately and beautifully creates…I am captivated.


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