Word of the Year

As a lover of words, of course, I was drawn to the trend of choosing a word as a life theme for the new year. After prayer and much thought, I cam to a conclusion…more like God brought me to a word that there was no denying. At first, I doubted that it was the one and I had to be certain, I mean this is the word that will be the focus behind an entire year of my life…I had to be 100% sure God was telling me that it was the one. Through the repetition of a song throughout the day and a continuous consideration, I decided upon and officially recorded my word for the year…closer. To simply say or type it seems understated and cliché. By no means is it as euphonic as I had hoped or unique for that matter, but that does not diminish the excitement and apprehension. My desire in my life is to constantly be deepening my relationship with God and this year I have an urgency to be closer to Him. Closer has many dictionary definitions: Having the elements close to one another, fitting together, intimate, marked by similarity, and being in or having proximity in space or time. Each of these definitions hold an aspect of what drawing closer to the Father means and looks like. But my personal favorite is “not deviating from the subject under consideration”. This is the focus that I will strive toward for the year. No distractions, I will not deviate from the Subject of my consideration, the Subject of love and identity and heart.

In relationships, sometimes I find myself frustrated because often things seem to be one sided. When one person must always initiate a conversation or time to hang out, is that really a friendship because the other person does not seem to be putting forth any effort or even showing a genuine care. Thankfully, this is never the case with God. As I began to research my theme, I stumbled upon a Hebrew word and God told me He chose the word for me this year. At first, I was confused. I thought for sure, He had made “closer” clear, was He adding another word? Not wanting to be confused or unsure, I questioned Him. Always patient, God assured me that closer is my word, but radaph is His word for me. Radaph means to follow or pursue. I heard it described similarly to how a hunter tracks and chases the subject of their focus. Although my theme word was not as flowery or pleasing to hear, as I had wanted, radaph is beautiful and the meaning surpasses the sound. God, the perfect Father, saved the euphonic word for His own theme. As I draw closer to God, He will continue to pursue me with a love and passion beyond my wildest imagination. To say I am excited would be an understatement. In a pursuit of one another’s hearts, we will draw intimately closer and reveal identities, dreams, and plans directly from the Father’s heart.


One comment on “Word of the Year

  1. Oh my… One Word which can launch a True Revival!

    Let’s join her and become “Closer” to Abba, then reflect that Light and Power on the world around us!!

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