Lock and Key

The world is seeking, looking for the thing that will complete them; however, nothing can ever be found that can fill the void. Each person has a lock on their heart, their most prized possession. The key is sought after in dedication to family, addiction to temporary fillers like alcohol and drugs, relationships to give themselves value, successful careers, and some sort of acceptance by society. Although one of these keys or a combination may seem to open the lock on our heart and allow them out and others in, the release is only temporary. When we discover the unconditional love of our Creator, Father, God, we find the true key to our hearts. When we place it in the lock guarding our delicate hearts, not only does it seamlessly fit to open the lock, it shatters the chain and padlock to completely release our whole heart. Freedom and identity are unlocked with the key that can only be shaped from God’s love. The delicate intricacy of each person’s lock cannot be picked by anything. Only the powerful love surrendered from Jesus. That love that tore the veil crafts each key specifically for the heart of the one it belongs to.

God has been showing me glimpses of what romance from Him looks like and consists of. I desire to give all of me to Him so I can reach such a level of intimacy that I all I want is Him. So many songs describe Him, as all we need, more of Him, less of me. In no way is giving up myself to Him surrendering who I am, instead it is obtaining who I truly am. Intimacy – into me You see. I want to be closest to my Father, allowing Him to see absolutely all of me: my past, my shame, my mistakes and my flaws, my personality, my craziness, my sense of humor, my relationships, my future, my dreams…my whole heart. Holding nothing back, I approach the throne with a boldness that only comes from being desired in return. For every step I take in pursuit of Him, He has already run a marathon for me. For each person He pursues, He chases with His entire heart and soul. Just as He completes us, we complete Him in a way no one else can. What if each of us not only realized, but accepted the place we hold in His heart and allowed ourselves to be romanced as desperately as He longs to pursue us? I am desperate for a closeness with God that cannot be achieved without fleshly sacrifice and increasing dedication. He sings to me of His love and I so deeply want to grant Him the time He so politely requests. No part of our relationship with God is the result of obligation. It revolves around privilege because we are chosen by the Most High to be His bride. He calls us by name and asks for our hand in eternal marriage. If we so desire to accept His offer, our lives will never be the same. A relationship with Him will never be boring or mundane. Always more than we can imagine, He will constantly cause us to go weak at the knees and our hearts to skip beats. Somehow we are surprised by God’s ability to so beautifully romance us when He is the Inventor of love, the Creator of our hearts, and the Perfector of our spirit.

When we give ourselves over to Him, He will invade us and reveal our whole identities to us so dreams can be discovered and our hearts cultivated. Our relationship with God prepares us for the future; in every relationship we have the opportunity to grow.


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