To be Romanced…

To be romanced…a desire people either secretly or openly contain throughout life. The craving to be loved, cared for, and protected is rooted in women at a very young age. Little girls’ eyes sparkle with the magic of a fairy tale. While girls’ longing may be more obvious, men desire a similar happening. Little boys search for acceptance, they need to be needed. They watch their superheroes and dream of having such a place of irreplaceable value in society. Romance looks different depending upon gender, personality, connection but romance always looks like pursuit. Each of us want to be wanted needed and chased after. The end result is never as meaningful if the victory was easy. To win a person is void of depth when nothing was given in the pursuit. But when a person pursues another with passion, devotion, commitment, and sacrifice, the value cannot be compared. With no true effort, how can there be true value? In the stereotypes of romance, fairytales depict the pursuer to be selfless, sacrificing life and limb to save the princess and win her heart. Sacrificing themselves for the object of their true love, the princes risk everything all in the hope of being loved. People will do anything to feel loved because ultimately love is all we need. To be romanced…is for one to understand what it is to risk their lives in one sense or another, but more importantly risking their heart. Considering the desire for love, that priceless moment in which we realize that God has been pursuing us our whole lives is enough to bring us to tears. It does not end with His steady pursuit. We discover He has been romancing us as well. God has been faithfully following us in the hope that we will return His love. In the ultimate sacrifice, God gave up His heart…His son so He could save us from our mistaken idea of being unloved. As if this ultimate act of sacrifice is not enough, God romances us as a gentleman with sweet gestures, precious terms of endearment, and begging us for just a few more minutes. Somehow the giant act of love is not enough for Him. He courts us hoping to win us – heart, body, mind, and soul. Those little moments, which He demonstrates just how much He adores us, are the moments that should put us over the edge. When He whispers, “You are not alone” during our dark hours, when He makes the sky seem bluer just so we would notice, when He plays the perfect song to remind us of His presence, and when He allows us to feel Him thick around us. It is those seemingly small details that overwhelm us with His love. His sacrifice brings us to tears because we realize the depth of His love and everything it means for us. His romantic actions bring us to our knees because the discovery that He is truly romancing us is too much to understand. To be so cared for, thought of, and loved seems impossible, yet He does it with all of the creativity and commitment of a love-struck gentleman caller. The resulting feeling of paralysis from being too overwhelmed with reactions to decide upon one is a feeling that only the object of His affection can attest to. As we sink to the ground overcome with such powerful pure love, no words can pass our lips. The tears streaming from our eyes cannot be stopped. We cannot stand. On our knees weeping, we are utterly and completely…romanced.To be romanced-Pic


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