But a Vapor

The thing about God’s love is just when you start to think you are really getting a handle on understanding it, you are struck with another aspect of love so vast and beautiful, you realize your grip was just a grasp at vapor. Reveling at the expanse of fog before you, you delve in and discover yourself shrouded in such a thick cloud of love that you can hardly breathe. The thickness alone is enough to overwhelm you. Taking a minute to breathe it in, you see the plume of love separate slightly a short distance in front of you. You squint at the object before you and see a mass protruding from the very deep water you are standing on. You fall to your knees at the magnitude of love facing you. Your belief buoys your kneeling form as tears stream down your face. Before you is a glistening pure white mountain of ice. The love you thought you could comprehend was just the mere vapor surrounding a gigantic iceberg of love. And the visible portion of an iceberg is a mere glimpse of what lies beneath the surface. 90% of an iceberg is under the water.south-georgia-island-iceberg_40863_600x450

Over the past few months, God has been revealing aspects of His love to me. The depth of His love overwhelms me and still there is more. Every revelation of His love seems like an entire glacier, but really it is only the vapor that surrounds the true magnitude of love He has for us. The vapor alone excites and overwhelms me so the prospect of exploring the entire glacier is entirely too much to comprehend and I look forward to every moment.


One comment on “But a Vapor

  1. This is an incredible example of Jesus love Whitney. Wow, it makes me want to press in even more and explore what He is bringing and giving us-who He is. It actually makes me want to surrender. Ha! Thanks for the encouragement. Dar

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