Memorial Day

You cannot stand in a place of such honor and solemnness and not be moved. The eerie quiet that is settled across the cemetery is a deafening reminder that freedom is not free. Arlington Cemetery stretches over hill after hill covered in tombstones marking life after life given for the protection and improvement of these great United States. Founded on liberty and justice, our country has proudly fought to uphold ideas not so readily practiced. Every heart should be moved with the silent remembrance of those who have given their own lives past, present, and future to ensure we remain free. My heart swells with patriotism watching a guard pace perfectly to protect the tomb of an unknown soldier, who gave his life for his country. Each shot that is fired as a loved one is buried breaks the quiet of the beautiful cemetery and echoes reality in each American heart. Tears prick the eyes of the proud and humbled, thankfulness is evident with each breath. America, the land of the free and home of the brave forever relying on the men and women who serve. As a young boy shows his dad how he can walk just like the guard, it is evident there will always be those brave and proud enough to serve our country.


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