Hide and Seek

God highlighted a song to me during worship yesterday so today on my family’s drive to Fossil Falls, I played it in the car and waited for Him to download the revelation. The simple lyrics are life changing if we want them to be.

The more I seek You,

the more I find You.

The more I find You,

the more I love You.

The more we seek our Father, the more we will find Him. And the more we find Him, the more we will love Him. To go deeper and to have that love for Him grow stronger and stronger starts with seeking Him.  God is a gentleman. As much as He longs for our love and our attention, He pursues us respectfully and will not force anything on us. His love is so deep and He cherishes us so much, He knows it would be weakened if there was any form of obligation so He leaves it up to us whether we accept His pursuit or not. Often times we decide we want the love we see on others or want to feel the wholeness offered only through our Creator, but when we begin to experience it we think it is enough for the moment and we become still. When the initial effects begin to fade, we realize we want more, but unsure how to go after more we remain just sitting in the presence we already know is there. God waits on us ready to take us deeper, but unwilling to suffocate us in His overpowering love. Always the Gentleman. Listening to the lyrics, I saw a picture of God and His child-playing hide and go seek. Being pursued and in turn desperately seeking should never be a solemn obligation. He has set up a beautiful courtship of hide and seek. The game will become more intricate as we play and the harder we must seek Him, but the more we will find Him. Anytime we are not seeking Him, He is searching for us in whatever hiding spot we have deemed necessary at the time. The joy and excitement from the returned pursuit of Him is part of the play and reminds us His love is not uniform or mundane.

More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmania.com/the_more_i_seek_you_lyrics_kari_jobe.html



2 comments on “Hide and Seek

  1. This post is a perfect example! I have been fascinated lately at the stories of pursuit in the Bible… And yet I, time and again, fail to see the Signs of His Pursuit of me.
    Until I finally hit my knees in distress… and He tells me that He has been Calling me and waiting.
    This post has reminded me that I have an appoinent!!!

    Love, Grace and Peace my Wise Friend

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