Refinement through Fire

Fire is so often viewed as a destructive force that only brings heartache. But fire can bring the most beauty into a situation. What many view as a charred and desolate piece of forest devoid of life can actually preserve life and encourage new life to spring forth. The fire that safely burns through the underbrush cleaning the forest floor is actually protecting the land, it seemingly ruins at first glance. As a fire roars through a specific area with the intent to only burn that one designated section of forest floor, fire fighters remain close to ensure only that which is dangerous is destroyed. In life impurities build up creating a real fire hazard that could cost God’s creation a whole forest. Instead of letting an entire wood be put to flames, a small section is sacrificed with the purpose of saving the entire forest. With this in mind, the fire fighters become fire starters setting the land ablaze to preserve life and allow it to flourish. After the fire engulfs the impurities of build up decomposing leaves and brush, the soil is revitalized with the heat and remaining ash. Now not only is the entire safe from complete destruction, but that small section of forest is healthy enough to sustain new life. The fire starters are rewarded with green shoots of life pushing through the black ash and bringing vibrant color to a once unhealthy and devoid area of forest. Breaking through the burnt soil, tiny saplings burst forward uncurling their stem and stretching their leaves out to bring promise of future strong trees. The roar of a fire can be the Lion’s roar given the chance. The hot orange and red flames of fire thought to only bring despair and ruin can instead bring revitalization and refinement. As long as the firefighters remain vigilant in their protection of the forest and stay aware of Nature’s promptings, fire will be seen for what it truly is: safety and new life.


2 comments on “Refinement through Fire

  1. First post SCORTCHING!

    The blogosphere is now ablaze with your wit and Wisdom dear Friend!

    The Spirit of God will speak loudly!!

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